Ticket Sales & Online Check-in


  • Concept Design
  • Prototyping
  • User Testing
  • Development
  • Entrepreneur?


6 months


The Brief

To create an online platform allowing events to sell tickets direct to attendees and manage the resulting data. The platform needs a flexible data collection form for each attendee and should integrate an automated staged discount system. Each ticket sold should have a unique barcode which can be scanned in at the event to manage the attendee entrance.

The Outcome

After scoping out the project and conducting competitor analysis a WordPress plugin was developed utilising the WooCommerce platform to provide payment gateway functionality but otherwise a custom WordPress system to handle ticket sales.

The admin allows staff to easily create tickets and ticket pages and collect and collate any user data. They can also design custom badges which can then be printed for attendees using the integrated check-in tool.

Key functionality included

  • Flexible data collection
  • Ticket creation display and sales
  • Search and scan check-in tool
  • Badge designer

Ticket Admin

Event staff can quickly setup all the tickets for an event using the drag and drop ticket builder.

Here multiple timed discounts periods can be set which automatically change the prices i.e “Early Bird” discounts.

Tickets can be categorised and visually grouped together to design the users ticked grid.

Various setting add functionality such automatically emailing tickets to customers, adapting the messaging and changing currencies and tax brackets.

Ticket Display Grid

As tickets are added to the system by admins they become displayed on the events ticket page. Here all the key information is displayed including the various discounts while the current state of the discounts is highlighted as time passes.

This integrates with the WooCommerce checkout and allows users to purchase multiple tickets at once.

Form Builder

Collecting the right user data for each ticket and also for each order is crucial. As the details will vary for each event staff need to be able to create and attach forms easily.

A drag and drop form builder was created that allow staff to easily make forms with multiple field types. A form is then presented at the checkout for each ticket sold to collect attendee data, a separate form can be added to collect information required about the whole order.

All attendee data can be easily searched and accessed in a WordPress back-end but an exporter was also built to provide attendee data in a CSV format.


Badge Designer

If an event needs to print badges for attendees on checkout they can use this tool to automatically generate the badges.

Badges can be sized to use whatever paper stock the printers require and various attendee and event data elements can be pulled through.

The drag and drop interface allows staff to arrange and size the various elements on the badge.

Check-in Tool

Staff can access a private page from which they can search all attendees of an event. They can find an attendees “check-in” status and update it as required. They can print badges for each attendee where required.

Each attendees ticket has a custom bar code which can be scanned to quickly find their details on the system.

Bulk Messaging Tool

An integrated tool that allows staff to filter their attendees by events, tickets, and ticket status and then send them emails relevant to the show.

As well as custom messages staff can also choose to bulk send out event tickets. All messages are automatically formatted as HTML emails using the events branding.